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BNP activist Aliaksandr Kapshul keeps hunger strike for 14 days

Aliaksandr Kapshul has been on hunger strike since 31 December, demanding to eliminate violations of the law during his detention in pre-trial detention center-3 in Gomel. The hunger strike has been going on for 14 days already, of which Alexander kept a dry hunger strike for the first few days, reports "Rabochy Rukh".

IKEA demands compensation from Belarusian activist for protest action
Photo: Aliaksandr Kapshul

Since November 9, Homel Regional Court has been holding a closed trial on the case of "Rabocha Rukh," which involves ten political prisoners. Six of the ten political prisoners are members of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union, including Aliaksandr Kapshul. All are charged with high treason, as well as under a number of other articles of the Criminal Code. The political prisoners face up to 15 years of imprisonment.

Alexander, even while in pretrial detention, fights against the regime. He is a strong and courageous man, an example of tenacity and determination for all Belarusians.


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