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Belarusians in Bremen took part in a protest action

On 10 December, Human Rights Day, an exiled Iranian and Kurdish activists held a rally in the centre of Bremen to commemorate the victims of political repression. Belarusians from Bremen also took part in the rally

Belarusians in Bremen took part in a protest action
Belarusians in Bremen took part in a protest action

Despite the cold weather, more than a hundred residents of the Hanseatic Free City of Bremen organised the rally outside the Göteplatz theatre.

Dozens of portraits of young people murdered by the Iranian regime during the mass protests were displayed in front of it

It should be noted that in its report Amnesty International published details of the deaths of 44 children killed by police during the protests in Iran. In at least 13 cases, the authorities forced the families of the dead children to publicly deny accusations against police officers.

Among the protesters were representatives of the Kurdish resistance and Belarusians who were forced to leave their country because of persecution by the Lukashenko regime. Among them were activists of the Bremen association "Razam" and representatives of the association "Salidarnasts". People stood with portraits of the protesters killed by the Belarusian regime and white-red-white flags.

The action took place at the moment when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian human rights activists in Oslo. One of the protesters told the crowd about the situation in Belarus over the past two years. About the fact that we must fight together against the dictatorships and authoritarian regimes and be in solidarity with each other.

Human Rights Day has been celebrated since 1950 at the suggestion of the United Nations General Assembly. On this day in 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


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