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Aliaksandr Yarashuk's detention conditions are tightened

The chairman of the BKDP, political prisoner Aliaksandr Yarashuk, is being transferred to the prison regime in Mahileu - Maksim Pazniakou, the acting chairman of the BKDP, told about this in a comment to «Svaboda».

Aliaksandr Yarashuk's detention conditions are tightened
Aliaksandr Yarashuk

«We know what he gets, they put a lot of pressure on him from the beginning and now they haven't let go. We still don't know why they are throwing him in the "cover". But it is clear that they will find a reason if there is an order.

Transfer to an indoor prison for him already of retirement age, means new tests. We understand that in a moral and physical sense a covered prison is much harder than a colony. But there are reports that he is holding on courageously».

We remind you that Aliaksandr Yarashuk was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment according to Part 1 of Art. 342 (actions that grossly violate public order) and Part 3 of Art. 361 (calls for restrictive measures, other actions aimed at harming the national security of Belarus).


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