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9 workers detained at the Haver & Boecker subsidiary

Mediazone” has become aware of the names and the reasons related to the detention of workers at a German subsidiary in the town of Lida.

The published video shows security officers in full gear armed with submachine guns storming shop floors, tearing workers away from their machine tools, putting them on the floor, and twisting their arms behind their back.

According to a pro-Government telegram channel, the raid resulted in the detention of at least nine workers of the wire weaving plant of the HAVER BY company, including Hanna Murashka, Yauheni Ashurak, Artsiom Strukau, Vadzim Kakhnovich, Artsiom Shchebet, Siarhei Sharapau, Mikhail Kukharchyk. The names of two more detainees remain unknown.

The video shows the detained workers confessing that they were subscribed to groups recognized as “extremist” in Belarus and reposted their materials. In this police video, Siarhei Sharapau stated that he was a reservist army officer, while Yauheni Ashurak mentioned a group photo with his colleagues posted in social media without giving any details.

Haver BY, Ltd. was founded in the town of Lida in 2009. The plant produces wire mesh under the supervision of German specialists. The security forces show the German company’s logo in their video. The plant in Lida is a subsidiary of the German concern Haver & Boecker OHG.

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