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The appeal of trade union leader Yanina Malash will be heard today

Today, January 27, Minsk city court will consider the appeal of deputy chairman of the Free Trade Union of Metalworkers (SPM) Yanina Malash, reports "Viasna".

Andrei  Khanevich’s appeal will be considered today
Yanina Malash

November 15, 2022, Minsk Maskouski court sentenced Yannina Malash, political prisoner activist of the Free Trade Union of Metalworkers. She was accused under part 1 of article 342 of the Criminal Code (active participation in actions that grossly violate public order) and sentenced to one year and six months in jail. The activist has been kept in custody for nine months. Yanina's daughter is waiting for her release.

She writes to her friends that so far she is doing well: "friends and colleagues support me, there are pleasant surprises from strangers". Yanina wishes her friends at large "to preserve the purest and brightest in themselves, to preserve the strength of their souls and their integrity".

On January 27th , Minsk City Court will consider the complaint of the convicted activist.


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