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SPB activist Viktar Stukau detained in Polatsk

Today in Polatsk a well-known trade unionist of the Free Trade Union of Belarus (SPB) Viktar Stukau was detained. It became known that his house was searched and computer equipment was confiscated.

SPB activist Viktar Stukau detained in Polatsk
Viktar Stukau

A few weeks ago his wife Sviatlana was arrested for subscribing to BySol's Facebook page. The wife of the trade union activist was detained for 72 hours.

On March 1st , the judge of the Polatsk and Polatsk district court Yanina Martsulevich found Sviatlana Stukova guilty under part 2 of article 19.11 of the Administrative Code and sentenced her to 15 days of arrest. A week ago Nikalai Sharakh, head of the Free Trade Union, was detained and arrested for 15 days.

Victar has been detained more than once for public activity. The last time he was detained was on September 12th of last year at Polatsk railway station, just in the train "Polatsk-Moscow".

At first he was sent to serve the arrest imposed on him back in 2021 for reposting materials from an information resource, later recognized as extremist. When Stukau was already behind bars, he was convicted again - this time for unauthorized picketing. The police found photos from the 2020 protests in his phone.

At the moment it is not clear what caused the detention.


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