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Salidarnast members took part in the protest "Laut gegen Rechts"

More than 45,000 people took to the streets of Bremen as part of the "Laut gegen Rechts" demonstration, exceeding all expectations of the organizers. The originally planned rally at Domshofe Square was not large enough for the number of participants.

Almost fifty thousand people expressed their aspirations against right-wing extremism, supporting the protests that took place in various regions of Germany last weekend. Members of e.V. Salidarnast and Bremen's «Razam», an association of Belarusians, also took part in the protests.

The SPD's general secretary, Kevin Kühnert, praised the event as "an impressive demonstration of a confident civil society." In an interview with the Rheinische Post, he emphasized the importance of maintaining the momentum created in the last few days and called for sustained support for democracy through numerous rallies.

The mass protests were a response to revelations by the research center Correctiv regarding a meeting of right-wing extremists on November 25. The participation of politicians from different parties in the event has caused widespread publicity, and protesters are demanding active measures to combat right-wing extremism, emphasizing the importance of long-term support for democratic values.

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