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Release of trade union leaders in Belarus in the spotlight

Dear Delegates ​to​ the International Labo​u​r Conference,

The representatives of the Association "Salidarnast" would like to thank you very much for your decision on the situation in Belarus. The resolution was a historic and important step in defense of workers' rights.

We hope that this resolution will inspire the governments and parliaments of ILO member states to take the necessary measures to influence the political regime in Belarus and ensure the implementation of ILO recommendations. Above all, we hope for the release of all trade union leaders and activists of democratic trade unions in Belarus.

We also thank the international trade union federations for their support in this matter. Solidarity and trade union unity are essential to achieve progress in such difficult situations.

We greatly appreciate commitment and support for this resolution from representatives of workers, governments and employers at the International Labour Conference. Your influence and efforts will play an important role in creating fair conditions not only in Belarus, but throughout the world for all workers.

With sincere respect,

Salidarnast .eV.

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