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May 1 – Day of Unbreakable Solidarity

Association "Salidarnast" will take part in the action devoted to May 1, which will take place in Bremen (Germany). On this day, protests are traditionally held all over the world. Procession and rally in Bremen are held by German trade unions, headed by the largest of them, German Trade Union Confederation DGB.

Bremen May Day in 2022
Bremen May Day in 2022 / photo -

The protest action will take place under the motto "Unbreakable Solidarity". The protesters are demanding decent wages and working conditions. Today the world is in permanent crisis mode. The energy crisis, the climate crisis, high inflation, Russia's military aggression against Ukraine – all these factors plunge people into a state of uncertainty and constant worry. That is why trade unions should unite, because together we can achieve more.

In addition, the participants of the rally are planning to touch upon the topic of repression against trade unionists in Belarus by the Lukashenko regime.

The theme of persecution based on trade union affiliation in Belarus will be raised not only in Germany, but in other countries as well. Just now there is an information campaign with the demand to release the Belarusian trade union leaders. You can join the demand for the release of trade union activists.

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