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Detentions took place at the glass factory "Neman" and at Zhlobin BMZ

A series of detentions of workers is taking place in Belarus. Brutal and demonstrative detentions continued this week.

Security forces are waiting for Alexander Zhuk in the dormitory where he lives. Screenshot from the Grodno GUBAZiK channel
Security forces are waiting for the worker in the dormitory where he lives // Screenshot from Grodno GUBAZiK channel

This time there was information about the detention of workers at the glass factory "Neman" in Biarozauka (Lida district).

According to Belsat, about ten workers were detained. They were demonstratively taken out of the workshops in handcuffs surrounded by law enforcers. According to the source, they could have been summoned to the police station instead of being detained at the factory "face down". In the source's opinion, this is done to be demonstrative and to intimidate the other employees.

Usually, the reason for such detentions are comments in social networks criticizing representatives of the authorities or subscribing to "extremist" social networking sites. Some people get off with administrative arrest or a fine. Others can be sentenced to a real term of imprisonment.

Also this week, a participant of the strike of 2020 at Zhlobin BMZ – Aliaksei Audzeeu – was arrested. Human rights activists became aware of the detention of at least three people in Zhlobin, allegedly for disobedience to the police.

Aliaksandr Zhuk was brutally detained in Vaukavysk. The man used to work as a driver, but now he works as a mechanic at a state enterprise. He was detained for reposting an independent resource, recognized by the authorities as "extremist. The detention was carried out by five armed law enforcers, who immediately threw him to the ground.

Over the past month, mass detentions of employees of enterprises in Belarus have been taking place all over the country, who have been found disloyal to the regime in the country.

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