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More Bundestag MPs have chosen to become symbolic godparents for political prisoners

As a part of the solidarity campaign #WeStandByYou, Ottmar von Holtz (Alliance 90/The Greens), Luiza Licina-Bode (SPD), Michael Sacher (Alliance 90/The Greens) assumed the role of “godparents” for Belarusian political prisoners. This symbolic gesture is an expression of support and solidarity with those Belarusians who became victims of politically motivated repressions.

One of such political prisoners is Daniil Chaunakou, an employee of the Minsk Auto Works (MAZ). His arrest in November 2021 was a consequence of his involvement in a peaceful protest action where he stood for democracy and respect of human rights in Belarus. He was convicted on trumped-up charges and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Ottmar von Holtz who became his “godparent” points out that Belarusians risk everything when they stand up for their ideals and thus deserve support and recognition. He emphasized the importance of the freedom of expression as one of the fundamental democratic principles.

Another example of political persecution is Aliaksandr Balonkin, Vice-Chair of the NAFTAN refinery workplace union affiliated to the Belarusian Independent Union, who was arrested in August 2023.

His “godparent” Luiza Licina-Bode says that it particularly important for a social democrat to support independent unions as they play a major role in the fight for justice and democracy. She calls for the release of all political prisoners in Belarus and stresses the importance of their struggle.

These initiatives of German MPs become a part of the global campaign to defend human rights and support democracy in Belarus. Through their actions they give substance to the principles of solidarity, justice, and respect of fundamental human rights.

With principles of democracy and the rule of law at heart, the German MPs call for immediate release of all political prisoners in Belarus and maintaining a steady focus on violations of human rights in that country.

Source: Libereco

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